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How To Get Glasses For Children And Seniors Without Health Insurance

Going without health insurance can be risky, but there are some situations that deter you from having it. Today we’re going to cover how it’s still possible to get your child glasses without health insurance.

Eye exams and glasses can be costly when you do not have insurance that covers vision care. You have three options. Participate in a vision discount program, buy eyeglasses online, or work with charities that provide free and low cost vision services or Minnesota Department of Health.

Discount Vision Plans

These are not insurance plans and instead they are savings on eye exams, eyeglasses and contacts offered through work or school. Some notable consumer services and organizations that offer this are AARP and AAA. They both offer discounts to their members. Warehouse clubs such as Sam’s and Costco have vision centers in their building where you can go. These

are offered at discounts to their paid members.

Free and Low Cost Eye Exams

If you can’t afford an eye exam, there are some organizations that may be able to help. Your local Lions Club Chapter or the Vision USA program. You will need a referral from a social service agency if you wish to use Vision USA.

Younger Child Programs

Programs directly related for children are InfantSee. This is for free eye exams and glasses for children under the age of one. Sight for Students offers free exams and eyeglasses for children. Minnesota Department of Human Services also provides assistance. If you contact the children’s health insurance program which is common called CHIP. They can also enroll your child into this service where children can get free eye exams and glasses if you qualify.

The number is (651) 431-2670 or in Greater Minnesota (800) 657-3739.

Purchasing your eyeglasses online is a great financial move. There are two very good online providers. There is discount glasses, which provides affordable and attractive eyewear for children under the age of 17, and usually the beginning pricing is about $20 for starters. The other option is

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