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IRS Offer in Compromise What You Need To Know

Your Tax Relief Team can help you with an Offer in Compromise, which can help you pay only pennies on the dollar for your tax issues. We can help you perform a fianancial analysis to see if you will qualify for an Offer in Compromise and we will help fight the IRS for you to negotiate a reasonable & fair deal. Don't let the IRS take advantage of you, let Your Tax Relief Team help you!
How Can We Help You?

Your Tax Relief Team will assist you in fighting the IRS and resolving your tax issues. We are the local experts in the Twin City Area who can help you file for an offer in compromise, battle wage and bank levies, create an installment or payment schedule for your tax issues, file for innocent spouse relief, and much more.

Chapter 13 & Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers in North St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN

Chapter 13 bankruptcy uses the power of the federal court to reorganize debts and set up affordable payments for individuals. Utility disconnections, repossessions, foreclosures, and wage garnishments all have to stop as soon as the case is filed with the court. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common form of relief for individuals, families, and businesses. Before petitioning the court for relief under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code, it is important to understand the benefits and consequences.

Offer in Compromise

Settle your tax issues for less than the full amount you owe to the IRS by allowing us to negotiate & settle with the IRS on a reasonable figure.

Wage and Bank Levies

The IRS can legally seize the money you have in your bank or take it from your paycheck to pay back taxes you owe to the government.

Penalty Abatement

If you have a clean compliant history you may quality to file for a first-time penalty abatement (FTA) waiver. Contact us to see if you qualify.

Innocent Spouse/Injured Spouse Relief

Do you need to file for innocent spouse relief? Protect yourself from the IRS if your spouse or former spouse improperly filed their taxes.

Installment & Payment Plans

Allow us to help negotiate an installment or payment plan with the IRS to help you pay your taxes over a reasonable extended period of time.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

If you are receiving a trust fund recovery penalty for not paying taxes on a trust fun or evaded payment, contact us for Tax Relief representation.

Some Of Our Testimonials

"Marie has been an OUTSTANDING attorney. She has answered every question, provided a variety of resources (above and beyond!), and has been a constantly reassuring force. In fact, I'd be comfortable saying that she has been the main..."
B. Rocka
"Marie is the best! She helped me in every way possible and went above and beyond. She is calming and helped me thru traffic and detours and kept me calm. Thank you so much Marie!! I will recommend her to everyone that may need financial help."
Audra W.
"I found Marie so very very helpful. I don't know what I would have done without her. She was so very patien[t] with all my questions and very patient and complete in explaining everything I needed help with. I appreciated her so much I would..."
Carol O.

The IRS is The Most Brutal Collection Agency On The Planet

You can trust Your Tax Relief Team to provide you the best representation in Minnesota, The Twin Cities, St. Paul, MN, Roseville, MN, North St. Paul, MN, Minneapolis, MN, New Brighton, MN, Woodbury, MN & the surrounding areas. We can help you take on the IRS before or after they try to put the hammer down. We know tax law inside and out and we can help you settle with the IRS to create an affordable payment plan, or help you pay back the government less than you initially owed. Don’t just trust anyone with your financial future, trust the Tax Lawyers at Your Tax Relief Team for the best representation in Minnesota.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Proudly Serving The North St. Paul, Roseville & Minneapolis, MN Areas

Student Loan Debt Assistance

We can help student loan borrowers when things go wrong. Our student loan debt services fall into two categories: delinquency management or default and collections resolution. We can help you if you’re struggling to pay back your student loan debt and need a bankruptcy lawyer to help.

Rebuild Your Credit

Our clients get a complete recovery from a financial crisis. We not only get you relief from your current situation, we give you the tools you need to actually rebuild your credit and end up in a stronger financial position than before.

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