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Twin Cities Bank Levy Release

The IRS can send a notice of levy to your bank and your bank has to put a hold on all the funds in your account. You then have 21 days to get the IRS to release the levy, or the money in your account will be sent to the IRS to be applied to your tax issues. Once our office has been retained to represent you, we can immediately begin work with the IRS to get the levy released and help you begin the full tax relief process.

Wage levy release

The IRS can send a notice to your employer that based on your tax issues, your wages are to be levied. Your employer has to comply with federal law and reduce the amount you actually receive of your earnings to almost nothing. If you are self-employed, the IRS can send a notice to your customers or client and direct them to send all of the money they owe you to the IRS instead of the you. The only entity that can authorize a release of this wage levy is the IRS. An immediate meeting with Your Tax Relief Team and retaining us to represent you in the tax relief process means we can contact the IRS right away to keep your entire financial situation from collapsing.

Asset seizure release

Immediate action is necessary when the IRS starts to seize your assets. The IRS has the ability under federal law to take all of your personal and real property: house, car, boat, clothing, your
business, everything. If the IRS has threatened to seize your assets, call Your Tax Relief Team right away to retain us to stand between you and the IRS taking everything you have.


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